Big Snatch Off-Road is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Big Snatch is not just your average off-road/aftermarket accessories/performance builder/parts supplier… We are a company of off-roaders that USE what we SELL – whether it be jeeps or trucks, we can get you where you want to be. We know that every good off-road story starts with… “You’ve gotta watch this!”

Our commitment is to provide you with the most knowledgeable advice in the off-road and modification industry with our experienced technical staff and to deliver a wonderful customer service experience that goes above and beyond every expectation each time you call, email, or walk into our shop.

We are located about an hour north of Richmond and an hour south of Washington, DC, making us easily accessible from either direction. Give us a call, or just stop in for a cup of coffee!

 Welcome to 1781 Brewing Company.

Using natural ingredients from the fertile land we reside on, we create some of the most delicious and fresh tasting farmhouse ales around. We are one of the first farm breweries in the great state of Virginia, and the only one with a vineyard and winery on the same property, Wilderness Run Vineyards. Here at 1781, we strive to produce the best French, Belgian, and German influenced farmhouse ales this side of the Atlantic.

Why 1781?

"What is the significance of 1781?"

 Well as you may or may not know, the farm we are located on is quite a historic site. We are right in the middle of some of the most historically significant battlefields in the entire country, such as the Chancellorsville battlefield, and the Wilderness battlefield. We are so close in fact, that the very site whereStonewall Jackson's arm was amputated sits on the farm.


With so much historical significance surrounding the farm, it was only fitting that the name of the brewery reflects it! During 1781, General Marquis de Lafayette was busy shadowingGeneral Cornwallis' movements as he set his sites on Yorktown. It was during this time that General Lafayette was recorded camping just down the road from our property. Months later, Lafayette, along with Washington and 17,000 soldiers defeated the British and won the Revolutionary war.


Using organic ingredients from our own farm, or from local sources, we strive to brew up some of the most wholesome and natural beer around. In doing so we are able to build our beers with a terroir, Unlike most breweries, we get our most important ingredient, the water, directly from the ground, as nature intended. This water is never chlorinated or treated in any way, and has the perfect composition for brewing and distilling. It is the biggest factor in what makes our beer taste so great. Whether enjoyed on the patio over-looking the vineyard, or in your own home on the couch, our beer will remind you why mankind has continued the tradition of brewing for thousands of years.

Here at Wilderness Run there is a wide variety of activites for you to partake in here on the farm. We have an array of wildlife for you to check out, from turkeys, guineas, and ducks, to horses, donkeys and llamas. Feel free to bring your fishing rod and enjoy your wine by the pond while you fish (catch and release please). We frequently have music for your whole family to enjoy, and would love to host your wedding or private event. Perhaps the best event of them all is just walking around and taking in the beautiful scenery, from our sprawling hills of vines to the Wilderness Run Creek than lines the property.


Every day here at Wilderness Run is carried out with the mentality of producing real, authentic wines and experiences. From the rolling hills covered in vines, to the wildlife living throughout the farm, we strive to highlight the importance of knowing where the things we put in our bodies come from. We invite you to see for yourself just how much better things taste when they're closer to mother nature.

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